Shri Shankaracharya Institute of Professional Management and Technology, Raipur

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Course Syllabus - Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Shri Shankaracharya Institute of Professional Management & Technology,Raipur Introducing M.Tech in CSE with specialization "Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning "

  • ( Full Time -02Years)
  • Total Seat-30
  • Session -2020-22
  • Affiliated by C.S.V.T.U.,Bhilai

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Importance of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning course

Artificial Intelligence prepares professionals who develop intelligent machines and systems, performing tasks that require human ingenuity, such as playing games or mastering the natural language. Popular examples of Artificial Intelligence (AI) include computers playing chess or self-driving cars. They rely on in-depth learning and natural language analysis to analyze large amounts of data, identify patterns, and make predictions and decisions based on relevant information.

Machine Learning (ML) is a very special sub discipline for Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning teaches students how to use algorithms and mathematical models to create computer systems that they can read for themselves. A good example of a machine learning program (ML) is image recognition software used by companies such as Google or Apple. The program analyzes the contents of the images and divides them into different categories (eg location, title, color).