Shri Shankaracharya Institute of Professional Management and Technology, Raipur

Wipro Mission 10X

Mission10X was launched on September 5, 2007 to address the challenges of employability in engineering education.

The key task was to develop a sustainable model to enhance the quality of engineering education in India. Mission 10X chose to enhance the Graduate Engineering Attributes Viz., Deeper Learning, Communication Skills and Team Work in students to achieve this. Though students are the end beneficiaries, it is not a feasible option to directly target them, since this exercise would then have to be repeated year after year with new batches of students and would not be a viable solution. It was in this context that Mission10X adopted an innovative three-pronged approach on empowering faculty, developing transformative academic leaders and leveraging technology.

Wipro Mission10x Technology Centre

Mission10X Technology Learning Center (MTLC) is a Wipro initiative that addresses the issue of employability of engineering graduates in India through improved laboratory practices in colleges. It is a partnership program involving leading Engineering Colleges across India and SSIPMT is proud to be the one and only nodal centre of the Wipro MTLC initiative.

Wipro MTLC helps engineering students of SSIPMT gain hands-on exposure in advanced technologies and gives them the experience of working in real time to make them industry-ready.

UTLP (Unified Technology Learning Platform) Kits provide integrated development platform and can be used to develop applications/products in various fields.

1.Automotive Electronics

2.Medical Electronics

3.Mobile & communication networking

4.Industrial Automation etc.


This initiative will help the faculty to take up research projects in the related engineering fields. It will encourage students to conduct experiments and take up industry relevant projects. Most of the products in today’s world require expert knowledge in multiple engineering disciplines. For each of the UTLP, Mission10X will come up with experts that would help faculty and students.