Shri Shankaracharya Institute of Professional Management and Technology, Raipur

Civil Engineering

About The Department

Developing Professional Civil Engineers through offering effective education, Interacting with Industry, emphasis on R&D and Consultancy.Being the oldest engineering discipline in vogue, Civil Engineering is the father of all engineering disciplines. The department has well equipped laboratories especially to mention are Fluid Mechanics, Concrete Lab, Geotech Lab, Survey Lab, Public Health Engineering Lab, Transportation Engineering, Structure Lab etc. with latest software like AUOTOCAD, STADD III, STAD PRO, ATENA etc. A well-furnished and well-stacked departmental library provides all sorts of bookish support to the students and faculty members of the department.

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    Program Educational Objective

    1. Graduates can build up technical & research skills to study civil Engineering problems and be able to effectively apply in practice & deliver innovative solutions.

    2. Graduates will be capable of working effectively and ethically in a professional environment for sustainable development.

    3. Graduates will successfully achieve jobs in government and private sector and also develop leadership skill and emerge as an entrepreneur.

    1 Dr. Alok Kumar Jain Professor
    2 Mr. Nishant Yadav Sr. Associate Professor
    3 Mr. Manish Sakhlecha Associate Professor
    4 Mrs. Sima Padamwar Assistant Professor
    5 Mr. Himanshu Shrivastava Sr. Assistant. Professor
    6 Mr. H. Gaur Assistant Professor
    7 Mr. Nikhil Bajpayee Assistant Professor
    8 Dr. P.S. Chapre Professor
    9 Md. Parvez Alam Assistant Professor
    10 Mr. Toshan Singh Rathour Assistant Professor
    11 Ms. Pratiksha Agrawal Assistant Professor
    12 Mr. Santosh Singh Thakur Assistant Professor
    13 Mr. Aman Agrawal Assistant Professor
    14 Mr. P Sagar Assistant Professor
    15 Mr. Rohan Singh Parihar Assistant Professor
    16 Mr. Abhishek Anand Assistant Professor
    17 Ms. Parul Vinze Assistant Professor
    18 Mr. Neeraj Tiwari Lecturer
    19 Ms. Shivani Soni Lecturer
    20 Mr. Divyarth Manas Tiwari Lecturer
    Fluid Mechanics Lab Geotech Engineering Lab
    Surveying Field Work Transportation Engineering Lab
    Materials Testing Lab Concrete Lab
    Civil Engineering Drawing Structural Engineering Lab
    Engineering Geology Lab Numerical Methods & Computer Programming
    Structural Analysis Lab Enviourmental Lab

    1. A state level conference on “innovation & technology management-a perquisite for make in India project”
    2. Two days Workshop on GIS.
    3. Three days workshop on total station.
    4. Two days Workshop on bridget
    5. two weeks workshop on “introduction to structural engineering”

    1. Autocad (4th & 6th sem)
    2. Staad-pro (6th sem)

    S. No. Name of the Lab
    1 Fluid Mechanics lab
    2 Transportation lab
    3 Survey lab
    4 Material Lab
    5 Geotech Lab
    6Computer Lab
    7 Structure Lab
    8 SED lab
    9 Environmental Lab
    10 Geology Lab

    University toppers

    1. niralee verma (2009 batch)
    2. rajani soni (2010 batch)
    3. pragya agrawal (2010 batch)
    4. sandeep goel (2009)

    Department results


    4th sem-72.88
    6th sem-88.6
    8th sem-95.45


    3rd sem-62.12
    5th sem 67.2
    7th sem 83.63

    Tecnology Raipur

    GATE 2016

    Abhishek chawla
    Mrigank saurav
    Himanshu chandrakar
    Rajesh chauhan
    Danish azim
    Sanjhee shrivastava
    Ambuj grover
    Siddharth gogia

    GATE 2015

    Vinay Kumar Veerwani
    Mohd faizan ur rahman
    Yash duggad
    Ashish kumar panjwani

    GATE 2014

    Pragya agrawal
    Tikam singh Thakur
    Praveen sahu
    Ajita pandey
    Hitesh Thakur
    Sagar Thakur
    Anjali sahu
    Amitesh bajpai

    GATE 2013

    Niralee Verma
    Sandeep soni
    Sandeep goel
    Ankita gangwani
    Satish sahu
    Prasann soni

    Placed Students of 2016

    Department of Civil Engineering

    PIYUSH KUKREJA (Tech Mahindra)
    ABHISHEK CHAWLA (Tech Mahindra)
    PALAK SURI (Tech Mahindra)
    PRIYANKA RATHIA (Tech Mahindra)

    Placed Students of 2015

    Pooja shandilya (tech mahindra)
    Anmol sharma (tech mahindra)
    Aklant pati (genpact)
    Anchal agrawal(genpact)
    Pooja shandilya (genpact)
    Yash duggad (Shri Ram Transport Finance)
    Arjun sinha (Shri Ram Transport Finance)
    Rajeev gupta (Shri Ram Transport Finance)
    Abhishek pandey (Shri Ram Transport Finance)

    Selected in Nicmar 2016