Shri Shankaracharya Institute of Professional Management and Technology, Raipur

Central Library

The Central Library plays a vital role in providing opportunities to the students and staff members to enrich their knowledge. The college library is well-maintained with 24253 books, 69 National Journals, 35 International Journals and more than 1905 CDs, which is well above the norms. All operations in the library are fully computerized. We make all efforts to inculcate reading habits in the students and also to provide them with all necessary assistance.

The Central library is divided into different sections for the convenience of the students:

  • Reference-book Section
  • Text book Section
  • Issue/Return Section
  • Reading Section
  • News paper reading Section

Central Library at a Glance:

Facility Details
Library Area 764 Online E-Resource
  • E-Journals 4807, E-Books: 21856
  • National Digital Library (NDL)
  • Swayam (Free Online Education)
  • NPTEL (Free Online Education Video)
  • IEEE (ASPP) e-journals (203 e-journals)
  • ProQuest Management Collection (4604e-journals) + eBooks
  • Turnitin (iThenticate) Anti Plagiarism Software Licenses
Seating Capacity 165
No. of Book Titles available 3858
No. of Book Volumes available 24253
No. of Journals available 104
No. of Newspapers available 13
No. of CDs available 1905 Library Automation
  • Name of the Software – NetCampus
  • Mode of Automation – Partially
  • Version of Software – 1.0.0
  • Year of Automation – 2020
  • Book Search – Yes
No of Students Project Reports available 404
Availability of remote access for e-resource Yes
Digital Library e-Journals , e-Books,
No. of Computer 15 Computers, RAM 2 GB,HD 500GB,Monitor 19 inch
Reprography available Yes



The distinguishing facilities available in the central library are:

The facilities available in the Digital Library are:

The National Digital library of India (NDL) is a project under Ministry of Human Resource Development, India. It’s objective is to collect and collate metadata and provide full text index from several national and international digital libraries, as well as other relevant sources. The NDL is a digital repository containing textbooks, audio books, articles, lectures, videos, lectures, simulations, fiction and all various other learning media. The NDL provides access to many books in English and Indian languages.

Library Team:

Dr. Rakesh Singh Dhundhel, Professor I/C Central Library
Contact No: +9178286 06975
E-Mail: [email protected]
Mr. Dinesh Kumar Shandilya, Librarian
Contact No: +9199932 86749
E-Mail: [email protected]
Mrs. Asha Rajput, Assistant Librarian
Contact No: +917999499551
E-Mail: [email protected]