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Sl. No. Patent Application No. Status of Patent (Published / Granted) Inventor/s Name Title of the Patent Patent Filed Date (DD/MM/YYYY) Patent Published Date / Granted Date (DD/MM/YYYY) Patent Publication Number / Patent Granted Number Assignee/s Name (Institute Affiliation/s at time of Appication) Here, attach Source Proof Screenshots/URL/ Website Links, etc.
1 339227-001 Granted Dr J P Patra, Rotatable Laptop Base Stand with Screen 17-02-2021 15-03-2021 Details
2 202141003285 Published Dr J P Patra, A.I.-based Tounge controlled wheelchair for paralyzed patients 23-01-2021 29-01-2021 SSIPMT, Raipur
3 202121059181 Published Dr J P Patra, Smart Device for remote patient monitoring using Artificial Intelligence 18-12-2021 24-12-2021
4 2021104119 Granted Dr. Riju Bhattacharya, An IoT Intelligent Smart System For LPG Gas Leakage Detection And Prediction. 14-07-2021 11-05-2022
5 2021102599 Granted D.S Kshatri, A process for preparing Calcium Zirconate for UV LED devices for treating neonatal and skin diseases 16-05-2021 16-06-2021 Details
6 202121004801 Published Dr Suman Swarnkar, Big Data Security Enhancement Based Intrusion Detection System Using K-Mean Clustering of Decomposited Features 04-02-2021 12-02-2021
7 202021030006 Published Dr Suman Swarnkar Optimized Convolution Neural Network(OCNN) for Voice based Sign Language Recognition:Optimization & Regulation 14-07-2020 31-07-2020
8 2021106924 Granted Dr Suman Swarnkar Smart Refrigerator uisng IOT and Intelligent Cloud for Life Expedience 24-08-2021 01-12-2021 Details
9 2021104997 Granted Dr Suman Swarnkar Smart Yoga Assistant Mirror using IOT & Computer Vision for Healthy Life 05-08-2021 11-05-2022
10 2021104545 Granted Dr Suman Swarnkar Smart IoT-based Third Eye for Protection from Abnormal Activities 26-06-2021 11-05-2022 Details
11 20211026002 Granted Dr Suman Swarnkar IOT based device for social diatnacing to stop spreading coronavirus 16-05-2021 15-06-2021 Details
12 202121059182 Published Dr. Riju Bhattacharya, An IoT Intelligent Smart System For LPG Gas Leakage Detection And Prediction. 18-12-2021 18-02-2022
13 202221014350 Published Dr. Suman Swarnka Augmented Invisibility Cloak 16-03-2022 22-04-2022
14 2021101720 Granted Riju Bhattacharya, IoT-Based Covid Detection System and Method Thereof 04-04-2021 07-07-2021
15 359313-001 Published Prakash Sahu Iot-Based Agriculture Robot For Pesticides Spraying 24-02-2022 06-05-2022 Details
16 202141050782 A Published Yogesh Kumar Rathore, RIFD-based vehicle identification system and access control into parking 05-11-2021 19-11-2021
17 202221003039 Published Yogesh Kumar Rathore, PLANT LEAF DISEASE DETECTION USING DEEP LEARNING AND IMAGE PROCESSING TECHNIQUES. 19-01-2022 11-02-2022
18 344229-001 Published Riju Bhattacharya, Hand Band for Work Tracking 04-06-2021 09-07-2021
19 202022102381 Granted Dr J P Patra, "Effective Alert System for Farmers by Observing and Automation of Agricultural Field Location using IoT 02-05-2022 07-07-2022
20 2021104208 Granted Navdeep Khare Novel Covid Umbrella system and method for maintaining physical distance to prevent Covid - 19 Transmission 2022-08-04 2022-05-11 Details
21 202221031545 Granted Atul Chakravarti Agriculture Drone for Dispensing Granular from Fertilizer into an Area of Land 2022-06-01 2022-12-19 414835 Details
22 201921049347 Granted Tarun Kumar Rajak Composition and Process for Preparation of sub-base 2019-12-01 2022-03-08 391465 Details
23 2021101844 Granted Dr. Hemlata Sinha Social Economical Smart IOT Based Traffic Management System 2021-04-10 2021-05-19 Details
24 2021106649 Granted Dr. Manoj Kumar Chande Home Automation Based on Internet of things and user detection 2021-08-23 2021-11-10
25 2021102315 Granted Dr. Manoj Kumar Chande Method and Appratus for Air Filtration for Exhaust silencer of a vehicle 2021-05-01 2021-06-23 Details
26 2021102314 Granted Dr. Manoj Kumar Chande An internet of things based smart parking system and its method thereof 2021-05-01 2021-06-02
27 2021101077 Granted Dr. Manoj Kumar Chande Smart Shutter Assembly system 2021-02-28 2021-04-14 Details
28 2021105735 Granted Dr. D.S. Kshatri An Eu3+ Doped Phosphor Chemical Compund for An Electroluminescence Related Applications and A Method for Synthesis of the Compund 2021-08-18 2021-11-03 Details
29 353508001 Granted Dr. Rityuj Singh Parihar Rope Making Machine 2021-11-22 2022-01-04 Details
30 353920001 Granted Dr. Naveen jain Dehydration detecting pacifier 2021-11-29 2022-01-25 Details
31 350752001 Granted Dr. Naveen jain Productivity Measuting Bottle for Employees 2021-10-05 2021-11-25
32 343147001 Granted Dr. Hemlata Sinha Blood testing device with Blood Sample Collection 2021-05-07 2021-06-14 Details

S.NO. Title Patent Holder Department
1 Intelligent Robotic Mechanism to Automate SWABTEst top detect COVID -19 Disease Dr. D.S. Kshatri, Dr. Shubhra Mishra Applied Phyiscs Department
2 Sensor Based Smart Railway System to minimize Train Collisions and Accidents Dr. D.S. Kshatri, Dr. Shubhra Mishra Applied Phyiscs Department
3 Self charged hybrid Electric Vehicle Mr. Vinod Sahu ET&T Department
4 A Complete Model for EMG Signal Filtration, Feature Extraction and Classification Using ICA Wavelet and SVM Mr. Pradeep Kumar Jaisal ET&T Department
5 Fibrous Aggregate Prof. Nishant yadav Civil Department
6 Railwindrator Student Rishabh Singh & Vaibhav Kinhekar ET&T Department